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Anglesey Marine Supplies are online suppliers of all marine safety equipment to ensure your well being and safety at sea, we supply inshore, coastal, personal distress and offshore flare kits, hand flares, orange smoke cannister flares, basic and complex marine first aid kits, fireblankets, fire extinguishers, towing mirrors, jump leads. New products recently added, boat fire extinguisher lockers, cabinets...Make Anglesey Marine Supplies Your First Choice.

 Marine Boating Distress Flares

boat marine inshore flare distress kit

Inshore Coastal Flare Distress Kit 

The inshore distress flare pack is designed for use less than 3 miles from land, Supplied in a waterproof window wallet.

Comprising of 2 handflares and 2 orange smoke 

£50.99 £48.99 plus postage



coastal flare distress kit marine boat

Coastal Flare Distress Kit

 Coastal marine safety boat flare kit, for use up to 7 miles from land. Supplied in a sprayproof carry case. The distress kit comprises of 2 red hand flares, 2 orange hand smokes, and 2 parachute red rockets.

Originally £99.95 now only £89.99 plus postage

offshore flare pack kit solas distress marine safety

Offshore Distress Flare Pack (Solas)

Designed for all vessels sailing more than 7 miles from land. Supplied in blue waterproof reinforced dry bag. Offshore Distress kit comprises of 4 red handflares, 4 parachute red rockets, 2 lifesmokes.

Available for only £169.99 plus postage

red flare boat marine safety flare hand

Red Handflare Boat Marine Safety

 The signal is approved and meets the latest SOLAS 74/96

Used  for distress signalling purposes on ships, lifeboats, life rafts and for pleasure craft. Burns for 60 seconds at 15,000 candela. Visible up to 5 miles.

Available only £11.99 each or £19.99 for 2




personal hand flare distress kit

Personal Flare Distress Kit

The signal is approved and meets the latest SOLAS 74/96

 For distress signalling purposes on boats, yachts, jetskis, hiking and climbers.
 Tube is made of corrosion-resistant steel with plastic handle extendible.
 •  Extend the handle and open the lid
 •  Hold the signal upward, overboard and downwind
 •  Pull the loop. The flare ignites after 2 sec. delay.

Special offer price only £36.99 plus postage



buoyant orange smoke flare boat solas

Orange Smoke Distress Flare

DNS Orange Smoke Signal Distress flare canister for use in Boats, Liferafts and Lifeboats according to SOLAS regulations.

Specifications :

Smoke duration time : > 3 minutes. Safe to use in oil or petrol covered water.

Approvals :  USCG -SOLAS –MSA 

Only £25.99 £22.99 plus postage while stocks last





Marine Boat and General First Aid Kits 


boat marine waterproof first aid kit

 Please view document  for list of contents

 Marine First Aid Kits Waterproof

 3 Sizes of marine first aid kits available from basic which is ideal for small boats and personal watercraft to our large first aid kit with comprehensive contents ideal for larger vessels.

All kits enclosed and contained in a waterproof pouch for protection.

Prices start from £13.99 £10.99 plus postage

Kit Sizes


boat cabin first aid kit compact

Waterproof First Aid Kit 

Waterproof first aid kit in nylon bag with waterproof zipper. Stows away easily anywhere, Doctor selected items.

£18.99 £16.99 plus postage




sea choice boat marine first aid kit

Seachoice Boat First Aid Kit

A must for all vessels. The Seachoice deluxe marine first aid kit comprising of a large selection of doctor selected items.

On offer at £35.99 £32.99 plus postage



Fire Blankets  ( BS EN 1869 : 1997 )

Kitemarked fire blanket in hard pack. 1 x1 metre in red rigid PVC slim container.

For use in boats, motorhomes, caravans, workshop or in the home.

Available for only £12.99 plus postage

boat fire extinguisher hatch box motor home storage locker

Boat Fire Extinguisher Hatch Box

Boat hatch type storage case for fire extinguishers. Flush mounted fitting allows safe and protective storage of a fire extinguisher in the boat cockpit or dashboard. UV resistant construction. White ASA, Takes fire extinguishers to 2kg. Also ideal for caravans, motor homes etc.

Available for only £39.99 plus postage 


boat flotation immersion suit lalizas neptune safety fishing

Lalizas Neptune Insulated Immersion Suit

 These Immersion Suits are made from reinforced Neoprene and incorporate a face seal & flap, three fingered glove , front waterproof zipper, ankle cuffs, neoprene pocket and retro reflective tape. All of these features have been designed to protect the wearer against cold without diminishing freedom of movement and exceed the latest SOLAS specification for hypothermia protection Perfect for all commercial oerations including oil rigs, rescue boats , ocean sailing etc. Low cost effective flotation suit.

Available for only £169.99 plus postage


Boat Safety from Anglesey Marine Supplies  


hand operated air horn pump boat emergency

Hand Operated Boat Air Horn 

 Use this hand-held air horn as a temporary fire alarm or for attracting attention in emergencies. The hand operated horn requires no refill canisters. Operates on pumping action alone. Each squeeze of the plunger will blow the horn once! Can be repeated as often as desired.

Perfect for marine applications, ideal as a back up horn in case of onboard horn failure.

Available for only £11.99 plus postage