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Anglesey Marine Supplies...We have recently updated our supply list to include a comprehensive range of marine and boat ropes lines and cables. We now supply yacht ropes in polypropylene braid and polyester braid, nylon shockcord in various thickness and associated shock cord hooks. Wire rope manufactured from stainless steel and also galvanized steel, cable crimping and swagging tools and also cable sleeves in copper and aluminium. Sail ties with plastic balls now also stocked. Pre stretched polyester rope now in stock.


Boat Rope-Yacht Rope-Polypropylene Braid-Pre Stretched polyester Rope

 Polypropylene Braid-Yacht Rope


 Polypropylene Braid-Yacht Rope

Polypropylene braided rope, a flexible rope with a strong centre core. Ideal for boat anchoring and mooring lines, remains soft and easy to handle, can also be used for boat covers, sheets etc.
Comes in various thicknesses, please use drop down bar for choice.

From only £0.69 £0.60 pence per metre



Thickness of rope



Polyester Braid


Polyester Braid

Flexible braid on braid pre-stretched polyester rope for sheeting. Easily spliced, remains soft and easy to handle. Does not absorb water or rot.. Supplied in white with red tracer.

Variety of sizes, from only £0.89 £0.80 per metre



pre stretched polyester rope

Pre Stretched Polyester Rope

For the cruising yachtsman 3 Strand Pre Stretched Polyester rope has a multitude of uses. The pre stretched polyester rope is easy to handle when wet or dry and is highly resistant to UV light and weathering. The pre stretched polyester rope is available  in white. All sizes of pre stretched polyester rope available.
Special features:
Hard wearing
Excellent abrasion resistance
Easy to handle, flexible
Waterproof and rot proof
Marlow Pre-Stretched
Easily spliced
Colours available:
White and Buff
Main/Genoa Halyards, Spinnaker/Asymmetric Halyards, Control Lines, General Purpose

Available from only £0.90 per metre

Per Metre

Webbing Strap

50mm webbing toe strap boat winch tie down ratchet strap


50mm Wide Webbing Strap

Toe-strap and general purpose 50mm. Polyester webbing strap. 2100kg. breaking strain.

Ideal for boat trailer winches, ratchet straps, tie downs etc. Sold per metre, please enter meters required as quantity.

Available for only £1.44 per metre plus postage


Rope Cutter

thermal rope cutter


Thermal Rope Cutter

 Pistol grip thermal rope cutter, 220v. 30w for the cutting and sealing of marine, boating polyethylene and polypropylene rope and braid.

New product recently introduced for the 2013 boating season.

Available for a reduced price of only £72.99 plus postage

Stainless Steel Wire Rope & Galvanized Steel Wire Rope Swaging Tools & Cutters & Sleeves 

Stainless Steel Wire Rope


Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Stainless steel wire rope 7 x 19 construction cable, cut to required length and sold per metre. Available in sizes 2mm, 3mm and 5mm. Use drop bar for size choice and enter length in metres as quantity required. 

Prices from only £1.49 per metre plus postage




 Galvanized Steel Wire Rope

 Galvanized Steel Wire Rope

Galvanized steel wire rope, 2mm thickness, 7 x 7 construction. Cut to length and sold by the metre, Please enter metres required as quantity.

Price currently only £0.89 per metre plus postage



Pvc Coated Galvanized Wire

Boat Cable Pulley Steering Cable


Boat Cable Pulley Steering Cable

 PVC coated galvanized wire boat cable pulley steering cable. Available per metre, please enter meterage as quantity required.

Available for only £2.50  per metre plus postage


Cable Crimping Tool


Cable Crimping Tool-Marine Rigging


Cable Crimping Tool-Marine Rigging

Marine, boating, yachting and sailing. galvanized and stainless steel cable crimping tool to manufacture your own marine rigging cables. Copper and aluminium cable sleeves sold separately below. Will crimp cables up to 5mm in diameter.

Currently only £49.99 plus postage



Wire Cutters

Marine Rigging-Wire Cutters

Marine Rigging-Wire Cutters 

Marine Rigging wire cutters for cutting stainless and galvanized yacht and boating rigging and boat steering cable. Will cut cable and wire up to 6mm thickness. 

Available for only £38.99 plus postage



Cable Crimping Sleeves

Aluminium Cable Crimping Sleeves


Aluminium Cable Crimping Sleeves

Aluminium cable crimping sleeves for the swagging, crimping of cables. Used for making your own rigging cables. Available in different sizes 2mm, 3mm and 5mm. Please use drop bar menu for size choice. 

Available from only £0.39 each plus postage




Wire Rope Thimbles

stainless steel wire rope thimble marine rigging


Stainless Steel Wire Rope Thimbles

Marine rigging stainless steel wire rope thimbles, used with the above products i.e wire rope cutters, cable crimping tool and cable crimping sleeves to make your own marine  rigging or cable pulley steering cables etc.Available in a wide range of sizes from 2mm to 10mm 

Prices from only £0.30 pence each plus postage




Nylon Shock Cord 

Nylon Shockcord


Marine Grade Nylon Shockcord

Marine grade nylon shockcord manufactured from premium grade rubber and nylon braided. Marked with a blue tracer thread. Ideal for manufacturing tie down for boat covers and tying up sails etc. 3 different thicknesses available 4mm , 6mm and 10mm.

Prices from only 79p per metre plus postage



Shockcord Hooks

Shockcord Hooks

Nylon Shockcord Hooks

General purpose nylon shockcord hooks, ideal for the manufacture of tie down ropes for sails, boat trailer covers, boat cover tie down ropes etc. Sold in sizes 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.

Prices from only £0.75 each plus postage



Sail Ties

Boat Sail Ties


Boat Sail Ties

 4mm elastic boat sail ties with double shock cord available in different lengths from 300mm to 600mm.

Available from only £2.99 plus postage


Simplex Wire Rope Grips

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Grips


Stainless Steel Wire Rope Grips

A4 316 Marine grade stainless steel wire rope grips, quality marine rigging from Anglesey Marine Supplies. Available in a range of sizes, please use drop menu for size choice. 

Available from only £1.50 each plus postage


 Bronze Wire Rope Clamps


 Bronze wire rope clamps

 Bronze wire rope clamps. Marine rigging enclosed bronze clamp. Used for stainless steel wire, galvanized steel wire and boat cable pulley steering cable.

Available for only £7.99 per pair plus postage

Dyneema Dinghy Ropes

dyneema sk78 yacht rope

Dyneema Evolution Race 78 Dinghy Ropes

Evolution race 78 has a high performance Dyneema sk78 12 strand coated core that is high strength, low stretch and low creep. It also as a hard wearing ht braided polyester cover and is easy to splice. A quality Dyneema marine yacht rope, Available in colours red, blue, silver, gold, black and white. Dyneema evolution race 78 breaking strains as follows.
2mm-200kgs, 3mm-370kgs, 4mm-800kgs, 5mm-1020kgs, 6mm-1600kgs.
Prices are per metre, please enter required metres as quantity required.

Size mm

Rigging Ropes

Racing Dyneema 78 Rigging Rope

Racing Dyneema® has a Dyneema® SK78 12 strand coated core and braided HT polyester cover. It is very strong, low stretch, lightweight and easy to splice and is ideal for halyards and sheets.
The Racing Dyneema 78 rigging rope is available in the following colours.
Red, Blue, Silver, Black, Green, Gold, White, Classic, Melange Blue, Melange Black, Melange Silver, Melange Red.
The Dyneema 78 rigging rope is of a very high breaking strain and tested to the following.
8mm-3500kg, 10mm-5250kg, 12mm-7050kg, 14mm-9300kg, 16mm-12200kg. Please enter metres required as quantity, please also add the colour required in the text box.