Our "Fair Cost Postage Policy"  


Our fair postage cost policy ensures that you the customer receives the best deal if you chose to multiple purchase items from our site.


Couriers have minimum charges on collecting and delivering items and these are a fair charge for the services that they provide. Sometimes though when purchasing multiple items the postal charge (especially on small items) may exceed the actual cost of posting the items. Some companies may inbuild this into there profit making structure however we dont, the surplus postage charge will be refunded back to you the customer


(Purchase 1)=Boat steering wheel costing £45.99 plus £6.99 postage.                                          (Purchase 2)=Outboard cable costing £24.99 plus £6.99 postage.

(Purchase 3)=Bilge pump costing £39.99 plus £6.99 postage.

Now the postage costs on the above 3 items on checkout total up to £20.97 which isnt excessive, however the cost for us to post would be £10.00, using the above scenario £10.97 would be refunded back to you.

Thats how it works...